While the article is uploaded to the system, the plagiarism result report must be below 20%. After the article is uploaded to the journal, the similarity report will be looked at and the refereeing process will be started according to this report. If the similarity rate is above 20%, the article will be returned to the author.

The ethical responsibility of each work done belongs to the author(s) unilaterally. Our journal does not accept any liability in this regard. For studies that require an ethics committee or institutional approval, the author(s) must obtain permission and notify the journal management.

During article upload, the Copyright Transfer form must be filled in and signed by the responsible author, and uploaded to the system, indicating that all copyrights of the article are transferred to GastroMedia Journal.

In the evaluation process of all articles; As a type of arbitration, a double-blind peer review arbitration system is operated and evaluation is made by at least two referees. If one of the referees gives a negative opinion and the other a positive opinion, the Journal Publication Commission may decide to appoint a third referee for the article by examining the referee reports or returning the article to the author. In order for the article to be published, at least two referees must give a positive opinion. In the double-blind method, the identities of the authors and referees of the studies are hidden.

Manuscripts to be sent to the journal should be written in accordance with the article template and publication rules on the Journal Home Page.

You can access the files to be sent to the journal (Copyright Transfer Form, Ethical Declaration Form, Cover Letter, Title Page) from the article submission files page.

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