Gastronomy is an extremely comprehensive concept with many disciplines. Gastronomy is a science, a culture, an art, a way of communicating, a way of life passed down from generation to generation. Gastronomy is an important cultural tool that appeals not only to taste but also to visuality, aesthetics, and artistic aspects. These features of the gastronomy field provide important content to media tools. Nowadays, it is seen that gastronomy professionals and those who are interested in the field of gastronomy share their artistic, aesthetic, different, interesting, and thematic presentation skills with users, especially through social media platforms, beyond just making delicious meals.

In this period, where the importance of the media on the lives of individuals is increasing day by day, gastronomy has also become important co-ordination with the media. Bringing the potential of the gastronomy field to the masses and sharing it with people, especially through the media, reveals the connection between these two fields. In this direction, besides knowing the priority issues of the gastronomy field, it is necessary to know the dynamics and subtleties of the media well. Gastronomy, which presents arguments to the media in many fields from a column in a newspaper to the content in a movie or TV series, is expressed as an important popular culture tool of nowadays. In recent years, thanks to user-based content production with social media platforms, gastronomy professionals and individuals interested in the field have been able to experience different recipes thanks to the contents of other users, while sharing their unique food experiences with users.

Gastronomy continues to attract increasing attention in our country as well as in the whole world. Undoubtedly, one of the most important tools that cause this situation is the media. Going beyond cooking and serving, gastronomy continues to develop itself as both a scientific and artistic field.

GastroMedia is a scientific peer-reviewed journal, which was established to reveal this interaction in the field of Gastronomy and Media and is a tool for communicating scientific developments and research in this field to the target audience. With this journal, which is unique in its field and aims to bring a scientific and artistic approach to the field, it is aimed to share the results of scientific research, examination, and project studies in the field of gastronomy and culinary arts, traditional and social media. In addition, GastroMedia was established to convey current information and developments in the field of gastronomy and media to the target audience, to lay the groundwork for the discussion of problems related to the subject, and to give priority to studies that will determine the role of the media in the promotion of gastronomy culture.

In this sense, I would like to state that we need the support of you, valuable researchers, from all branches of science and art that concern the field of gastronomy and media.

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